What are Online Slots – Rules and Beginner’s Guide

What are Online Slots? If you’re curious about how to play online slots, the following article from 10jili will provide detailed information for you!

What are Online Slots?

Slot games are one of the types of games found on slot machines. In casinos, you will see rows of slot machines lined up. This game is quite similar to fruit slot machines in Vietnam. However, slot machines typically have three or more rows (horizontal or vertical) with various symbols on each row, depending on the game’s theme.
10jili online casino slot games simulate the screen of real-life slot machines. They also have horizontal/vertical rows with different symbols.

How many online slot games are there on 10jili?

We need to emphasize that the variety of slot games is incredibly diverse and rich. By simply changing the theme (images, sounds, style, etc.), a whole new series of outstanding slot games can be created. There are countless different themes such as football, pirates, legends, history, and more. 10jili slot casino offers players over 2000 different slot games to choose from and play.

What are Online Slots?
What are Online Slots?

How to Play Online Slots

All slot games follow a simple set of rules: place a bet, spin, and win if you hit winning combinations.
One important thing to remember is: A payline only pays out if you place a bet on that line. For example, if you bet on 10 out of 25 paylines and a winning combination falls on a line you didn’t bet on, you won’t receive a payout.

 what are online slots – How to Play 

  • Place a Bet: Some slot games allow you to choose the paylines. Your task is to select the total bet amount, which will be evenly distributed across all the paylines.
  • Press the Spin Button: The reels on the screen will spin randomly.
  • If the Symbols Match (usually three or more) on a Payline, You Win
  • Collect Your Reward and Start a New Round

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 What are online slots – Common Terms in Online Slots

  • Payline/line: A payline is a line on which you place a bet. Each slot game can have between 1 and 100 paylines. These can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, V-shaped, etc., depending on the game’s rules. If identical symbols appear on a line you bet on, you win.
  • Free spin: This refers to free spins awarded by the casino. For example, 10jili slot casino offers 15 free spins for new players.
  • Multiplier: This is the factor by which your winnings are multiplied, such as 3x, 5x, or 100x.
  • Wild: This is a special symbol that can substitute for other symbols to complete a winning combination.
  • Scatter: Some slot games feature a Scatter symbol, a special bonus symbol. These do not need to be on a payline for you to win a prize, which could be money, free spins, bonus games, etc.
  • Jackpot: This refers to the prize pool collected from losing bets. If you hit the jackpot, you can win a significant amount of money.
 What are online slots - Common Terms in Online Slots
 What are online slots – Common Terms in Online Slots

What are Online Slots – Playing Tips

If you want to win at slot games, consider these tips:

Bet Max on Jackpot Slots

If you play a game with a jackpot, always bet the maximum amount. This strategy increases your chances of winning big and possibly becoming a millionaire overnight.

Place Small Bets on Many Paylines

 Since slot games are based on luck, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to bet on as many paylines as possible with small amounts.

Learn the Special Features

 What are online slots, Understanding the special features of each slot game can significantly boost your earnings. Research these features to take full advantage of them.

Stop at the Right Time

 It’s crucial to know when to stop, whether you are winning or losing. Set a limit for both wins and losses. If you reach either limit, stop playing and come back another day.

Don’t Lose Your Cool and Rely on the Quick Spin Feature

When playing slot games, experienced players advise not to be hasty. The reels will move quite quickly, and your job is to wait a few seconds for the result. This not only increases the suspense but also allows players to monitor specific activities.

However, many gamers are eager to get results and choose the Auto Spin or Quick Spin features. This is not advisable as it makes it difficult to control your bets and winnings. The fast speed makes it harder to keep track and reduces accuracy.

Only use these features when the game has already started to flow and you are currently on a winning streak. At that time, the support of these features will help players take full advantage, not miss many opportunities, and gain the highest rewards. Otherwise, play for a while to get into the groove.

What are Online Slots - Playing Tips
What are Online Slots – Playing Tips


This article has explained what are online slots are and how to play them. For more exciting information and a chance to win great prizes, consider 10jili registration!


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