How to shoot fish with a gun Win big in an instant

Everyone is probably familiar with the Fishing game. This is the only game that does not rely heavily on luck but is mainly determined by the fisherman’s skills. Just knowing how to shoot fish with a gun will enable you to win big prizes when participating in the game. Read this article of 10jili slot to learn and know how to do it.

Reasons why you should learn how to shoot fish with a gun

The online fishing game brings you a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences. When participating on 10jili app, players also have the chance to receive a lot of bonuses and earn substantial profits. Many fishermen have earned significant amounts through the game.

Reasons you should learn how to shoot fish with a gunĀ 
Reasons you should learn how to shoot fish with a gunĀ 

Compared to the lottery, the Jackpot prize in the fish shooting game is not lower. Especially with its simple gameplay, your chances of winning rewards are even higher. Players can also choose game rooms based on their skill level.

All these reasons make the Fishing game much more attractive. Just learn how to shoot fish with a gun, practice regularly and click 10jili com download apk and you can optimize your personal income. This is not difficult once you grasp the great tips from top fishermen.

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Tips for shoot fish with a gun

The online how to shoot fish with a gun is loved by many due to its simple gameplay and beautiful graphics. Moreover, you can earn a lot of bonuses from 10jili slot casino by learning the following tips:

Using the edge nibbling technique

The first way to shoot fish with a gun that you should learn is to focus your firepower on the big fish. Although shooting small fish might not seem like a bad idea, it can take more time. you will have to perform more actions and observe more carefully.

On the other hand, how to shoot fish with a gun big fish are very easy to identify. The fisherman only needs to glance up at the screen to see them. They move individually, so you won’t have to deal with grouped targets.

All you need to do is aim and shoot slowly while continuously rotating the gun barrel. Players should aim carefully and fire each large bullet directly at the fish. Make the most of the screen’s corners to ensure damage is inflicted on various parts of the fish.

Applying algorithms

This is also a super simple yet highly effective way to shoot fish with a gun. Fishermen can consider using appropriate algorithms to increase their chances of winning. Players how to shoot fish with a gun can adjust the number of bullets to concentrate damage more effectively.

Tips for shoot fish with a gun
Tips for shoot fish with a gun

According to expert calculations, the most suitable algorithm is to shoot at least 30 bullets for type 2 fish. For type 3 or 4 fish, you need to use nearly 60 bullets. However, you also need to be flexible with different situations. Rely on the actual situation to eliminate the fish effectively. There are also the following useful algorithms:

  • Target selection algorithm: Focus on big fish that are worth more points and bonuses. The algorithm prioritizes high-value targets to maximize your rewards efficiently.
  • Shot timing algorithm – how to shoot fish with a gun: Time your shots based on the movement patterns of the fish. The algorithm calculates the best moments to shoot, ensuring that your bullets hit the target accurately.
  • Ammo management algorithm: Optimize the use of your bullets. The algorithm helps you decide when to use high-powered shots and when to conserve ammo for better opportunities.
  • Positioning algorithm: Utilize the edges and corners of the screen to your advantage. The algorithm determines the best positions to shoot from, increasing the likelihood of hitting multiple parts of the fish for maximum damage.

Speed control how to shoot fish with a gun

Additionally, after pressing 10jili registration, players need to learn how to control their shooting speed when shooting fish with a gun. For small fish, there’s no need to rush. Use low-level bullets and shoot them slowly. For larger creatures, you can concentrate damage more aggressively.

Some targets may require 100, 500, or even 1000 bullets to take down. Controlling your shooting speed is key to succeeding in the game without wasting too many bullets. This approach increases your chances and helps you win easily. 

Ballpoint shooting style

The main benefit of this technique is to increase damage and minimize the obstruction caused by other barriers. To execute this strategy successfully, simply shoot a few shots into the four corners of the screen, aligning the angle so that they hit the creature. Then, before the bullets hit the target, shoot another round of bullets.

This means that players will have 5-6 bullets hitting different spots on the creature. By mastering this shooting technique, you can easily take down creatures and increase their mortality rate. However, be cautious because this strategy may not work effectively when the fish are near the screen’s corners.

Tracking fish speed

Before officially applying the above shooting techniques, players also need to learn how to track fish speed. Make sure you know how the creatures move. If the fish moves slowly, there’s no need to be too hasty.

Conversely, if they move quickly, how to shoot fish with a gun you need to seize the opportunity or skip the target early on. By observing the creatures’ speed, you can make appropriate decisions and optimize your profits. This is a crucial key to winning in the fish shooting game.

One of the most effective ways to shoot fish with a gun
One of the most effective ways to shoot fish with a gun

Shoot fish with different strategies

Additionally, selecting the right gun and shooting strategy for each type of fish is also very important. For fast-moving fish, players need to carefully calculate the timing of their appearance. Aim and shoot as soon as they appear on the screen. At the same time, you can use high-speed bullets to increase your chances of hitting the target. Some fishermen even use additional utilities, such as screen freezing, to improve their chances. On the other hand, for slow-moving fish that are

Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding of how to shoot fish with a gun. With our tips, winning and earning substantial rewards from the game is not difficult. If you want to discuss more game strategies and gain more iGaming experience, frequently visit our website.


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