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Do you feel excited watching others play Mahjong? Do you want to join in but fear losing because you don’t know how is Mahjong played ? Check out the information in the following article from 10jili to confidently get started and even win rewards in no time.

Decoding details of how is Mahjong played ?

This is one of the games originating from China. It has many similarities with Western Rummy or Vietnamese Phom. However, it uses tiles instead of cards. The game will start when there are 3 to 4 participants. To know how is Mahjong played, you should learn the game-specific rules:

Number of Mahjong pieces and characters

A set includes 160 pieces, with many different shapes. However, they are still mainly divided into three main character types: circle, Chinese character, and bamboo stick. Then, based on function, they are divided into Lean cards and Frame cards:

Bai Nac

You need to remember that the Nac card includes the pieces Sach, Van, Van, Tai Phao, Dong and Trung. Before learning and deciphering how is Mahjong played, you need to distinguish the cards. To differentiate, you should remember the following characteristics:


Represent with a drawing a green or red 1 node bamboo plant. If the army is large, there will be more bamboo trees (maximum 2-9). There is also a special Nhat Sach piece with a sparrow image above.

Ten thousands

With the same number as Sach, Van consists of 9 different pieces, written in red or blue Chinese characters (from One to Nine). There is also a special Wan written in traditional characters above. With the Van, players only need to pay attention to the blue text. The rest of the text below is the same.

Decoding details of how Mahjong is played?
Decoding details of how Mahjong is played?

For the Literature set, the descriptive image will be a circle with a white x in the middle. They will be divided into 9 cards with numbers from 1 to 9 corresponding to the card surface. In particular, in terms of color, the Literature set is also more diverse, including blue, green and red. Unlike Van and Sach, Van has no special troops.

Tai Phao

There are only 7 different types of troops, with symbols East, West, South, North, Central, Phat and Bach. How is Mahjong played, this is the department with the fewest troops compared to Sach, Van and Van. Each type includes 4 pieces, so Tai Phao has 28 pieces in total.

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Frame set

Next is the frame with the green frame including: Box, Barrel, Strip and Screen. How is Mahjong played, The reason it is called the Frame set is because in order, it has the function of representing and replacing the Hoa, Van, Book and Van mentioned above. Next, in the red frame, Hoa, Hy, Nguyen, Hop will respectively replace Tai Phao, 4 Gio, Trung Phat Bach or Nac Van Sach Van.

Other sets

There are also Flower sets including Apricot, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo or Four Seasons such as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Next are the Four Emperors and the Four Queens. With other variations, participants can also encounter Cam, Ky, Thi, Hoa, Ngu, Tieu, Canh, Doc replacing Tu Hoang and Tu Hau.

Learn in detail how Mahjong is played
Learn in detail how Mahjong is played

Take turns

How is Mahjong played, what are the turns? Accordingly, the game is different because turns will be divided based on the set of dice. The person who rolls 2 high scoring dice will be the East Wind. This person will take the first turn and next will be Gio Nam. After that, two people from East and West will join the game.

Receive cards

Each person will receive 14 pieces and the remaining pieces will be made into bricks. At the same time, it is also placed in the middle so people can draw them throughout the game. How is Mahjong traditionally played? Specifically, you must form a brick wall in front of each dealer.

The main task of each player

Finally,how is Mahjong played, everyone will take turns fighting until one person comes. That means the winner must own 4 piles, each pile includes 3 pieces and 1 pair. You can create a beautiful deck like the above when taking cards from the person sitting on the left or taking over the pile from 2 of your opponent’s cards. Below is the definition of Pair of Cards and Match.

  • Pair: Two identical cards
  • Cross: 3 identical cards (can be created by drawing cards or winning from others
  • Vertical position: determined in order
  • Check: includes 3 cards and 1 card drawn or taken from opposites

Penalty law

If you do not understand how is Mahjong played, you will be fined. Cases that are considered illegal include making a mistake, forgetting to signal nine pieces, or running away.

  • Wrong buzzing: penalty from 32-64 points
  • Nine soldiers warn: if they are in the same army, they must share the money
  • Buzzing: buzzing for more than 3 rounds and having to keep running when detected

Some ways to play Mahjong and win easily

Additionally, you should not only rely on instinct or luck, but also need to learn advanced Mahjong strategies. After understanding how is Mahjong played, explore the following strategies to win rewards and easily win many games:

  • Memorize the tiles: Familiarize yourself with the symbols and characters of the tiles. Then, practice remembering the positions of each tile and the timing when others play them. This way, you can make appropriate decisions and avoid many penalties.
  • Be cautious before declaring Mahjong: Carefully check all the tiles in your hand before hastily declaring Mahjong.
  • Combine the tiles: Players should prioritize creating pairs before trying to form sets of three identical tiles.
  • Manage your emotions: Stay calm and composed, even if the game isn’t going your way. Emotional decisions often lead to mistakes.
Learn how Mahjong is played and how to win?
Learn how Mahjong is played and how to win?

After reading the information in the aforementioned article, you can confidently join in with your friends right away. Now, you no longer have to wonder how is Mahjong played. Additionally, the game is now available on online applications. So, you just need to try it out based on the instructions and you will quickly become proficient.


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