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Blackjack card game is one of the card games with simple gameplay yet full of excitement. It is widely supported by gamblers because anyone can earn additional profits by winning. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this rewarding game and become a consistent winner, check out the content shared by 10JILI below.

What is a Blackjack card game?

Blackjack is an extremely popular form of entertainment enjoyed at casinos worldwide. This card game originated in France and was later introduced to many other places, gradually gaining the renowned status it holds today.

What is a Blackjack card game?
What is a Blackjack card game?

In Vietnam, Blackjack is commonly known by familiar names such as “Xì Dách” or “Xì Lát.” The dealer shuffles multiple decks of cards together and deals two cards to each player. Depending on the current point total, players can choose to draw additional cards or stand. Each player can draw up to three additional cards.

What are the rules of Blackjack card game?

Compared to other types of games, this reward-based card game has relatively easy-to-understand gameplay. Specifically, players just need to follow these betting steps:

  • Step 1: First, participants need to place their bets before the game begins.
  • Step 2: Next, the Dealer, also known as the person dealing the cards, will deal one face-up card and one face-down card to each player (each hand has a total of 2 cards). After the dealing is complete, players will decide whether to draw additional cards (up to 3 more cards).
  • Step 3: Finally, players compare their hands to see who has the higher total without exceeding 21. The player with the highest total wins.

In this game, players compare their hands directly with the dealer’s hand, not with other players. Keep this in mind to make appropriate decisions and avoid mistakes.

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Scoring in Blackjack card game

In Blackjack card game, the score is calculated based on the values displayed on the cards from 2 to 10. The J, Q, and K cards are each worth 10 points. Achieving a total of 21 points almost guarantees a win, making it the highest value that every player aims to achieve.

In Blackjack, the closer a player’s total is to 21, the safer they are from losing. However, there are some special cases where players can win outright:

Double Ace

The player receives two Aces in their initial deal.


The player receives an Ace combined with a face card (J, Q, K) or a 10 in their initial deal.

Five-Card Charlie

The player draws a total of five cards with a sum under 21. For example, if a player is initially dealt a 5 and a 7, making a total of 12 points, and then draws three more cards (an Ace, a 2, and a 4), the total would be 5 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 19. 

This is considered Ngu Linh. However, it loses to Xì Bàng and Xì Dách but beats any hand over 21 points. Understanding these scoring rules and special scenarios is essential for making strategic decisions in Blackjack.

Scoring in Blackjack card game
Scoring in Blackjack card game

Basic terms in Blackjack

When participating in Blackjack card game, you must understand the following terms:

  • Push: This occurs when the player’s and dealer’s points are equal. In this case, the bet is returned to the player according to the specified ratio.
  • Hit: When your points are below 16, you have the right to draw additional cards to get closer to a total of 21 points.
  • Soft Hand: This situation occurs when the player’s hand includes an Ace.
  • Hard Hand: This situation occurs when the player’s hand either does not contain an Ace or the Ace is counted as 1 point.
  • Double Down: This refers to side bets that depend on the dealer’s hand.

Tips for playing online Blackjack safely

For those who want to change their fortunes, the following Blackjack card game are indispensable:

Participate in a safe and reputable gaming platform

The first thing to note when playing Blackjack is to participate in a safe and reputable gaming platform. Nowadays, with online play, all operations are automatically handled by the system. Therefore, if you are unlucky and choose a less professional gaming site, the risk of losing is extremely high.

10JILI is one of the platforms many people choose to play Blackjack card game and earn rewards. The betting tables here are professionally designed, with easy-to-use buttons. Additionally, the high-definition livestream technology allows you to interact with the dealer as if you were in a real-life casino.

Choose the reputable 10JILI to participate in Blackjack card game
Choose the reputable 10JILI to participate in Blackjack card game

Absolutely do not take risks

The next tip to remember is to never take risks when you have a safe score. Many players often think about drawing more cards in hopes of increasing their chances of winning.

However, this is a double-edged sword and can be extremely dangerous. If you feel that your current score is within the safe range, you should avoid drawing additional cards. The risk is high that you will exceed the allowed point limit.

Do not withdraw when you have 18 points

If you have reached 18 points, stop drawing cards. At this point, if you get greedy, you will not only bust but also lose the game. This will cause you to lose money and significantly impact your decisions in future bets. Players can suffer from psychological effects and consecutive losses.

So, we have thoroughly explored the Blackjack card game. If you are excited about this captivating game, join now at Vietnam’s number one reputable online casino – 10JILI!


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