Founded in 1911, Tomlinson® Industries is the world's foremost faucet manufacturer offering a wide range of commercial beverage dispenser spigots and fittings for beverage and liquid dispensing. Our wide variety of No-Drip® commercial replacement spigots for beverage dispenser applications includes models available for the delivery of hot and cold liquids including: coffee, tea, chocolate, water, wine, beer, condiments and many other liquid products. No-Drip beverage dispenser replacement spigots are also available for the dispensing of most liquids from containers and bag-in-box packaging. No-Drip replacement spigots and fittings are the choice of manufacturers of beverage and liquid container packaging around the world.

Most No-Drip® beverage dispenser spigots have been found acceptable by the U.S. Public Health Service for Interstate Carrier use and comply with the applicable sanitation requirements, 1976 Food Service sanitation manual and the Food and Drug Administration. Most also comply with the appropriate NSF International, Basic or Special Criteria.

The spigots/faucets and fittings shown and listed in this catalog are considered to be the most popular and commonly used No-Drip® items. Contact factory for a complete technical catalog if additional faucets and fittings are required.

Tomlinson Industries' No-Drip® Faucets are known and used around the world.
In Italy, our faucets are known as: rubinetto per distributori da caffe , rubinetto per acqua, rubinetto per distributori di vino, rubinetto per distributori di olio e aceto, rubinetto per distributori succhi come succo di arance, rubinetto per distributori alimentary liquidi.
In Germany, our faucets are known as: Caffee hahn, tea hahn, wasser hahn, wein hahn, hahn fur oil und vinegar.
In France, our faucets are known as: Robinet cafe , Robinet tea, Robinet eau, Robinet de Vins, Robinet pour des jus comme jus d'orange, Robinet pour boisson alimentaire, hahn fir sapfen , wie orangen sapf, hahn fur.
In Spain, our faucets are known as: Grifo para cafe, Grifo para te, Grifo para agua, Grifo para vino, Grifo para aceite y vinagre, Grifo para zumo, Grifo para dispasadores de alimentos liquidos.
In the Netherlands and Belgium, our faucets are known as: Koffie kraan, Thee kraan, Kraan voor watermachines warm & koud, Kraan voor wijn, Kraan voor olie & azijn, Kraan voor jus d'orange, Kraan voor voedselcontainers, Kraan voor bag in box.

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