Food Service/Industrial Use Gloves

  • Vinyl


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    C-Kure® vinyl food service gloves work great for food processing, and in the industrial and janitorial industries. These disposable vinyl gloves offer a snug fit but are easier to slide on and off than latex. Whether for industrial use or food service use, vinyl gloves are the ideal alternative for the latex-sensitive user. The vinyl food service gloves come in a variety of sizes. You also have your choice of either powdered vinyl gloves or powder-free vinyl gloves.

    Model #DescriptionCase Pack
    1036307Vinyl FS Glove, Powdered, Medium1000
    1036308Vinyl FS Glove, Powdered, Large1000
    1036309Vinyl FS Glove, Powdered, Extra-large1000
    1036621Vinyl FS Glove, Powder-Free, Small1000
    1036622Vinyl FS Glove, Powder-Free, Medium1000
    1036623Vinyl FS Glove, Powder-Free, Large1000
    1036624Vinyl FS Glove, Powder-Free, Extra-large1000

  • Nitrile


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    Extra strength and sensitivity in one pair of food service gloves! C-Kure® nitrile industrial gloves offer excellent dexterity and superior comfort. These 4mil nitrile gloves offer better protection against punctures, abrasions, and many harsh chemicals. Nitrile gloves are latex-free. These disposable nitrile gloves are also available from size small to extra large. Nitrile food service gloves can be ordered powdered or powder-free. Stock up on nitrile gloves for your industrial or food service establishment today!

    Model #DescriptionCase Pack
    1036858C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powdered, Small1000
    1036859C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powdered, Medium1000
    1036860C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powdered, Large1000
    1036861C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powdered, Extra-large1000
    1036878C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powder-Free, Small1000
    1036879C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powder-Free, Medium1000
    1036880C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powder-Free, Large1000
    1036881C-Kure® Nitrile Glove, Powder-Free, Extra-large1000

  • Non-latex


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    C-Kure® non-latex gloves for food service or industrial use feature all the advantages of latex without the risk of latex allergies. These non-latex disposable gloves look, feel and perform like latex, with excellent dexterity and superior comfort. Non-sterile, food service gloves/industrial gloves. These non-latex disposable gloves are available in various sizes.

    Model #DescriptionCase Pack
    1036340Non-Latex FS Glove, Powdered, Small1000
    1036341Non-Latex FS Glove, Powdered, Medium1000
    1036342Non-Latex FS Glove, Powdered, Large1000
    1036343Non-Latex FS Glove, Powdered, Extra-large1000
    1036365Non-Latex FS Glove, Powder Free, Small1000
    1036366Non-Latex FS Glove, Powder Free, Medium1000
    1036367Non-Latex FS Glove, Powder Free, Large1000
    1036368Non-Latex FS Glove, Powder Free, Extra-large1000

  • Poly


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    C-Kure® poly gloves are a low-cost alternative for the latex-sensitive user. Perfect for applications where the user must change gloves frequently, these poly gloves are great as food service gloves. They're ideal for food handling, general restaurant use, food processing, and general industry. FDA accepted and USDA approved, poly food gloves are powder-free and available in two lengths: regular and elbow-length. Elbow-length food service gloves available in one size only.

    Model #DescriptionCase Pack
    1036321Poly FS Glove, Small10000
    1036322Poly FS Glove, Medium10000
    1036323Poly FS Glove, Large10000
    1036715Poly FS Glove, Elbow Length, One Size Fits All2000

  • Wall Mounted Glove Dispensers

    Wall Mounted Glove Dispensers

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    Wall mounted dispensers get glove boxes up and off counters, reducting clutter. Available in acrylic or stainless steel.

    1036356Acrylic, holds 100-count vinyl
    1036357Acrylic, holds 100-count poly
    1021012Stainless steel single box, holds 100-count boxes
    1021013Stainless steel double box, holds two 100-count boxes
    1022714Stainless steel tiple box, holds three 100-count boxes

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